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Mr Hou Wailu, Founder of the Chinese Intellectual History

Institute of Chinese Intellectual History has a long history. In 1952, Mr Hou Wailu(1903-1987), a well-known historian, was the president of Northwest University, he managed to establish an research group which mainly focused on the study and teaching of Chinese intellectual history. Mr Hou hence absolutely became the founder and leader in the research of Chinese intellectual history. Mr Hou has plenty of works devoted in the illumination of Chinese traditional society and its thoughts and culture, such as General Intellectual History of China(5 volumes), Treatise on the Social History of Ancient China, Treatise on the Social History of Feudal China, A History of the Neo-Confucianism in Song and Ming Dynasty, Thinkers of Ancient China, Capitalism(First Volume,translation)etc. Through several decades' study and teaching, Mr Hou and his group have developed into a significant academic school well-known as "Hou Wailu School".

Professor Zhang Qizhi, Successor and Innovator of this Discipline

Professor Zhang Qizhi is the successor and innovator of this research tradition. After his graduation from Peking University and Tsinghua University, Professor Zhang came to Northwest University in 1952, and since then he's taught and researched in the field of Chinese intellectual history for 60 years. Professor Zhang personally witnesses the growth and development of this discipline. In 1978, this discipline got the grante rights of Master's degree on Chinese intellectual history, several years later, this discipline was rewarded the grant rights of Doctor's degree on Chinese intellectual history in 1982. In 1984, the discipline was developed into the Institute of Chinese Intellectual History directly under the lead of the university, and the already-famous researcher Professor Zhang Qizhi who had been a outstanding figure in the field of Chinese intellectual history became the superintendent. Professor Zhang also has a great deal of research works concentrating on Chinese philosophy and culture, such as Humanistic Spirit of China, Intellectual History of China, Chinese Intellectual History of Confucianism, A History of China(6 Volumes), A History of Chinese Intellectual and Academic Ideas(6 Volumes) and about 300 academic papers related to the philosophy of education and many other topics.

Based on the establishment of Institute of Chinese Intellectual History, Northwest University became the most famous research center in the study of Chinese philosophy not only famous in China but also well-known overseas. Led by Professor Zhang, the discipline of Chinese intellectual history was appraised by Educational Department and became the Key Disciplines at the Ministerial Level in 1987. Institute of Chinese Intellectual History of Northwest University authentically became the most important research center in Chinese philosophy and culture not only in northwest region China but also through the country.

The National Postdoctoral Program of History

In 1995, the Institute was permitted to establish the National Postdoctoral Program of History, subsequently a lot of eminent scholars come to Northwest University to join the research group, and many foreign scholars came to visit and discuss relevant academic problems, influence of this discipline was widely accepted. In 1997, the discipline of Chinese intellectual history was approved as the "University of 211 Project ". In 2004, this discipline was granted by Shaanxi Province the provincial key base that are concerned with the research of philosophical and social studies in higher education organizations. In 2006, the discipline was conferred the grant rights of master's degree in Chinese philosophy and religious studies. In 2007, this discipline was again rewarded the Key Disciplines at the Ministerial Level. In 2009, Northwest University got the guarantee of Provincial and Ministerial Co-construction, while the discipline of Chinese intellectual history is one of the two disciplines permitted the priority of co-construction.

Now we have 4 professors, 2 associate professors and 3 lecturers. All of us are working hard to improve the deep research in Chinese intellectual history and the spread of Chinese traditional culture. We also emphasize the conmmunications with scholars around the country and over the world.

As a key discipline at the ministerial degree, Institute of Chinese Intellectual History always emphasizes the importance of Chinese traditional culture in the development of the country, we welcome persons with lofty ideas throughout the world, and we have the conviction all the time that the construction of a harmonious world can not leave the survival wisdom of our human ancestors including Chinese. So let us work hard hand in hand to improve this world.


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