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Professor Zhang Qizhi
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Professor Zhang Qizhi was born in 1927, in 1950 he graduated from Peking University after 4 years study in philosophy. Consequently he was admitted to Tsinghua University to study in the department of philosophy and Humanities. In 1952, Professor Zhang accepted Mr Hou Wailu's invitation and became a teacher of Northwest University. In 1988, he won the national title of outstanding elitist. And in the same year he was appraised as an excellent doctoral mentor by Shaanxi province. In 1989 he was awarded the title of outstanding meritorious experts by Shaanxi local government. Now professor Zhang is the leader of Institute of Chinese Intellectual History, Northwestern University. Besides as an doctoral mentor, he also takes on the responsibility of the honorary president of Northwest University and the editor in chief of Huaxia Culture, a quarterly published journal which mainly focused on the spreading of Chinese culture in an exoteric way. At the same time, professor Zhang is titled as the vice director of Committee of Philosophy and Social Science of National Ministry of Education.

Professor Zhang Qizhi has long been engaged in the teaching and study of Chinese intellectual history, Chinese philosophy and cultural popularization education, in more than half a century's research and teaching, he has accumulated rich academic research and academic leadership experience and taken charge a number of important scientific research projects. In 1950s to 1960s, he assisted Mr Hou Wailu to accopmplish the publication of General Intellectual History of China(Volume 1-2), and later he worked together with Mr Hou Wailu, Mr Qiu Hansheng to fulfill an academic work: A History of the Neo-Confucianism in Song and Ming Dynasty. Since 1980s, he had wrote or edited about 18 academic works. From 2001 to now, professor Zhang has completed the Chronicles of Chinese Academic Thought History ( 6 Volumes), A History of Chinese Intellectual and Academic Ideas(6 Volumes), A History of China(4 Volumes). Over the years, he has published a number of academic papers in Philosophical Studies,Research on Chinese History , People's Daily, Guangming daily Since 1980's, he also payed more attentions to the quality-oriented education. Since 1978, professor Zhang has instructed dozens of PhD candidates and post-doctoral staff.


Works written or edited by professor Zhang Qizhi

(1)Gu Yanwu , published by Zhong Hua Book Company, 1982.
(2)Confucianiam, Neo-Confucianism, Practical Confucianism, New Confucianism, published by Shaanxi People's Education Publishing Company, 1994.
(3)Humanistic Spirit of China, published by Northwest University Publishing House, 1997.
(4)Intellectual History of China, published by Northwest University Publishing House, 1989.
(5)A History of Chinese Confucianism, published by Shaanxi People's Publishing Company, 1990.
(6)Historical Studies in Modern China, published by Chinese Social Science Publishing Company, 1996.
(7)Chinese Historical Dictionary: Intellectual History, published by Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, 2000.
(8)Essence of the Door, published by Tsinghua University Publishing House, 2003.
(9)Chronicles of Chinese Academic Thought History ( 6 Volumes), published by Shaanxi Normal University Press, 2005,2006.
(10)A History of China(6 Volumes), High Education Publishing House, 2001.
(11)A History of Chinese Intellectual and Academic Ideas(6 Volumes), Guangxi Normal University Publishing House, 2007.
(12)Traditional Culture of China(Second Edition), High Education Publishing House, 2005.
(13)History of Chinese Intellectual Culture, High Education Publishing House, 2006.
(14)Selected Letters, Shaanxi People's Publishing Company,2007.

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